rd: Watermark

This script adds the topmost selected composition to all other selected compositions as the topmost layer. You can use this script to add a watermark to a bunch of comps. If you want to apply the watermark to a bunch of footage, just import the footage files, and drag them to the New Composition button (selecting to create Multiple Compositions).

Note: The watermark comp will be centered within the other comps. No control over blending mode is available at this time. Also, you should make sure that the watermark comp's duration is at least as long as the longest composition you want to add it to.

Note: This version of the script requires After Effects CS3 or later.

Originally requested by Randy McWilson.

revision history

v1.011-may-2013Moved out of labs. Cleaned up some code.
v0.530-jan-2008Initial pre-release. Requires AE CS3.