rd: Script Launcher

This script displays a palette of the installed scripts in the selected Scripts folder (and subfolders). Only scripts with .js, .jsx, and .jsxbin extensions are displayed. Double-click a script to launch it. Scripts located in subfolders whose names are enclosed in parentheses are ignored. You can change the Scripts folder at any time, and refresh the scripts list if the contents of the folder have changed. The selected scripts folder is stored as a setting, so you don't have to reselect it every time you reopen this palette.

Note: The palette cannot detect any errors in the scripts that you run from it. It's just a quick way of launching scripts without restarting AE or using ExtendScript Toolkit (i.e., switching away from AE).

If a PNG file of a similar name and same folder as the script file (but with a .png file name extension) exists, it will appear next to the script name in the list.

Note: This version of the script requires After Effects CS5 or later. It can be used as a dockable panel by placing the script in a ScriptUI Panels subfolder of the Scripts folder, and then choosing this script from the Window menu.

Enhancements requested by Russ Maehl.

rd: Script Launcher

revision history

v3.129-jun-2013Added option to hide paths in the listed scripts; script order doesn't change. Also, when used as a floating palette, the position of the window is now remembered, but size isn't.
v3.011-may-2013Updated minimum version to CS5, added small UI tweaks for CC, and cleaned up some code.
v2.522-aug-2010Fixed listbox text color in AE CS5. Filtered out script itself from appearing in the list.
v2.424-aug-2009Fixed problem launching some scripts.
v2.313-apr-2008Fixed possible error/crash, and incorrect sorting of scripts.
v2.224-feb-2008Small update to use a more correct way of detecting double-click mouse events.
v2.119-sep-2007Requires AE CS3. Just a small code change to make things more future-proof.
v2.018-aug-2007Requires AE CS3. Can work as a dockable panel or a palette. Now supports double-click to launch scripts, and associated PNG files.
v1.017-jan-2006Initial release. Use for AE 7.0.