rd: Map Text File to Markers

This script maps lines from a text file as Source Text keyframes on the selected text layer at successive markers on the layer. You can control the text line to use by entering a line number as the marker’s comment.

Unless specified, each successive marker from that point will use successive lines from the text file. For example, if the text layer contains five markers, all without a comment except the third one which has a comment of 10, the script will place the first line of text at the first marker, second line at the second, tenth line at the third, 11th line at the fourth, and 12th line at the fifth. If the requested line number does not exist in the text file, lines from the text file will be cycled (repeated); specify 0 to skip a marker (and incremented line).

Originally requested by Wes Plate.

revision history

v1.311-may-2013Cleaned up some code.
v1.27-aug-2007Small internal code clean-up. No new functionality.
v1.18-apr-2006Now uses the initial numeric value in the marker comment, so that you can include other text in the comment.
v1.027-mar-2006Initial release.