rd: Fumes

This script allows you to import tracker data exported from Autodesk® Combustion® as motion tracker data on the selected layer in Adobe® After Effects®.

Each run of this script creates a new tracker and track point (with Feature Center and Attach Point keyframes), so if you have multiple exported files, simply cut/paste the track points into the same tracker afterwards. Each track point is named the same as the specified tracker data file for easier identification.

Frame 1 in the exported data will be associated with the first frame of the selected layer, and associated frame numbers are assumed to be on a non (100%)-stretched layer. A custom (non-zero) starting frame number for the composition is ignored.

Note: This script requires After Effects 6.5 or later.

Originally requested by Donat Von Bellinghen.

rd: Fumes

revision history

v1.211-may-2013Cleaned up some code.
v1.12-jul-2007Small internal code clean-up. No new functionality.
v1.017-jan-2006Initial release.