rd: Composition Renamer

This script displays a palette with controls for renaming the selected compositions in the Project panel. You can use this script to, for example, remove the “ Comp #” suffix (or localized equivalent in German and French versions of After Effects) added to new compositions whose footage was dragged to the New Composition button.

Notes: Expressions that refer to the existing composition names are not updated, so it's best to use this script after creating a composition.

Note: This version of the script requires After Effects CS5 or later. It can be used as a dockable panel by placing the script in a ScriptUI Panels subfolder of the Scripts folder, and then choosing this script from the Window menu.

rd: Composition Renamer

revision history

v3.011-may-2013Updated minimum version to CS5, added small UI tweaks for CC, and cleaned up some code.
v2.02-jul-2007Requires AE CS3. Can work as a dockable panel or a palette.
v1.11-dec-2005Added support for any comp # suffix (Comp 2, Comp 3, etc.), and German and French localized names for “Comp”. Use for AE 7.0 or earlier.
v1.022-mar-2005Initial release. Use for AE 7.0 or earlier.