rd: scripts

ffa: free for all

All of my scripts on this site are free for you to use. Unfortunately, I have less time these days to develop and support them, so they are provided as-is and without support. However, please respect my copyright.

aio: all in one

I've provided the latest versions of these scripts in a single download for ease of distribution. The archive will be updated as needed. Please do not redistribute the archive or as separate scripts without my permission.

fac: for a cause

In lieu of thanks, consider donating to a charity important to you. If my scripts save you time, maybe pass the savings onto organizations doing good work. I'd love to hear how you're paying it forward. #devforacause

hat tip to my fellow script developers paying it forward

Be sure to support other script developers that donate proceeds of their scripts to charity, including:

shout out to the After Effects community for their participation